Kosovo and Erasmus+

The Kosovo Erasmus+ Office (KEO) assists the Commission, the Executive Agency and the local authorities in the implementation of the Erasmus+ Programme.

KEO is the focal point for their stakeholders involved in the Erasmus+ Programme in the area of higher education and contributes to improving awareness, visibility, relevance, effectiveness impact of the international dimension of Erasmus+ programme.

KEO responsibilities

The Kosovo Erasmus+ Office is responsible for:

  • providing information about Erasmus+ activities in the field of higher education;
  • advising and assisting potential applicants;
  • monitoring Erasmus+ projects;
  • coordinating the local team of Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs);
  • monitoring the legacy of the Tempus IV Programmeme (2007-2013);
  • contributing to studies and events;
  • providing support to policy dialogue;
  • maintaining contacts with the local authorities and EU delegations;
  • following policy developments in the field of higher education in their country.

Erasmus+ actions open for Kosovo as partner country

ERASMUS+ components Participation
KA 1 Mobility project for higher education students and staff ** Yes
KA 1 Mobility for VET learners and staff No
KA 1 Mobility projects for school education staff No
KA 1 Mobility project for adult education staff No
KA 1 Mobility projects for young people and youth workers ** Yes
KA 1 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees ** Yes
KA 1 Erasmus+ Master Loans No
KA 2 Strategic partnerships in education, training and youth ** Yes
KA 2 European Universities No
KA 2 Knowledge alliances ** Yes
KA 2 Sector skills alliances No
KA 2 Capacity building in the field of Higher Education * Yes
KA 2 Capacity building in the field of youth* Yes
KA 3 Youth Dialogue projects** Yes
Jean Monnet* (Modules, Chairs, Center of Excellence, support to association, networks and projects) Yes
Sport Collaborative Partnerships ** Yes
Sport Small Collaborative Partnerships ** Yes
Not-for-profit European Sport Event No


*   Can be included in the role of the applicant and partner

** Can be included only in the role of partner

Fatjona Hoti – Short Mobility Degree (2)