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Impact study for Kosovo – Capacity Building in Higher Education

We are happy to announce that the Kosovo Erasmus+ Office has produced the publication on the CBHE impact study which is based on the field monitoring reports, interim and final reports, and other documents referring to CBHE projects including cluster meetings, institutional visits, feedback from academic and non-academic partners, etc.

CBHE Impact Study_Kosovo




ICM – studying abroad (short mobility for students)

ICM for students – training abroad

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

 International Credit Mobility for HEIs

Jean Monnet



Promotional videos:

Erasmus+ opportunities for staff and students

Erasmus+ opportunities for Kosovo Higher Education Institutions



Newsletter for the period January 2017 – December 2017

Newsletter for the period March 2019

Newsletter for the period April – May 2019

Newsletter for the period June – July 2019

An introductory message from Mimika Dobroshi – Coordinator of the Kosovo Erasmus+ Office