On 25th of February 2020, Kosovo Erasmus+ Office in cooperation with the EU office in Kosovo, organized the Technical Assistance Mission (TAM) “Capacity building and quality assurance of doctoral studies”, which took place at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” premises.

This topic has been selected as it is very important for Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo, especially for the University of Prishtina who is the only Ph.D. provider in Kosovo.

The objective of this activity was to provide participants who are representing the Kosovo HERE team and HEIs in Kosovo with some effective strategies and technical expertise for the development and to show the European practices in ensuring doctoral studies and discussing the challenges that universities in Kosovo have.

The International expert, prof. Melita Kovacevic presented the European perspective of Doctoral education: historical perspective, relevant documents and policy papers, European trends, the structure of doctoral programs and the topic on how to assure quality in doctoral education.