Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs)

Higher Education Reform Experts

The Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) are individual experts who promote the modernisation of higher education in the former Tempus Partner Countries. With the support of the Erasmus+ programme, they participate in the development of policies and reforms in their countries and contribute to the training of local stakeholders. Their activities consist of, for example, organising and participating in seminars, writing articles and reports, and providing advice to individual institutions and policy makers.

The current network includes around 250 experts, whose activities are managed at the local level by the National Erasmus+ Offices, in cooperation with the relevant national authorities. The HEREs operate in the Partner Countries neighbouring the EU, including countries of the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Southern Mediterranean, as well as Central Asia and the Russian Federation.

EREs are embedded in the national higher education environment of their country and cooperate closely with the national authorities. Their profiles cover a wide range of roles and functions directly linked to higher education. They include academic and administrative staff from universities, as well as representatives of public authorities directly dealing with the higher education sector (i.e. ministries or public agencies). Several countries have also nominated “student HEREs”.

Each national team of HEREs is composed of 5 to 15 members. The size of the teams is proportionate to the size of the country and its higher education sector. HERE candidates are proposed jointly by the National Erasmus+ Offices and the national authorities in the Partner Countries. This proposal must be endorsed by the EU Delegation in the country concerned and finally confirmed by the EACEA, according to defined criteria.

HERE teams are designated for a period of 3 years (renewable). The current team has been appointed for the period 2015-2017.

International meetings and training events for the network are coordinated by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), in cooperation with the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission and with the support of a service provider, the SPHERE team (consisting of the University of Barcelona and the European University Association).

While the European Commission is responsible for the general steering of the HEREs’ initiative in accordance with its political priorities, the EACEA is responsible for approving and monitoring the HEREs’ activities and ensuring a coherent and coordinated approach for all the 27 countries concerned.

At the national level, the work of the HEREs teams is coordinated by the National Erasmus+ Offices that provide them with the necessary administrative, logistical and financial support. Their role is also to ensure that the HERE activities are in line with the strategic goals and targets set by the national authorities. The EU Delegations in the Partner Countries are also closely associated to the implementation of the HERE activities.

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