On 20 to 30 of April 2021 Kosovo Erasmus+ Office team conducted a monitoring visit for the project ‘ResearchCult (Enhancing Research Culture in Higher Education in Kosovo), in all the Kosovo partner higher education institutions:

International Business College Mitrovica – Coordinator

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”

University of “Haxhi Zeka”, Peja

University of Applied Science, Ferizaj

University of Prizren “Ukshin Hoti”

University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”

University of Gjilan “Kadri Zeka”

University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani”

The overall aim of the project is to support the enhancement of research culture in Kosovo higher education institutions by supporting the enhancement of existing policy and practices as well as establishing and installing new regulations and mechanisms in project beneficiary institutions in Kosovo.