Call for expression of interest


Erasmus+ Programme

Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs)


Objective and mission

The purpose of the Higher Education Reform Experts (hereinafter referred as HERE) is to provide a pool of expertise to promote reforms and enhance progress in Higher Education and therefore participate in the development of policies and reforms in Higher Education in Kosovo.

The mission of the HEREs is:

– to support policy development in Kosovo by supporting modernisation reform processes and strategies in Higher Education, in close contact with the local authorities concerned. In particular, with regards to curriculum development, modernisation of governance, management and functioning of higher education systems and institutions, strengthening relations between the higher education sector and the wider societal and economic environment, etc.

– to support policy dialogue with the EU in the field of Higher Education possibly in synergy and coordination with the various policy platforms established under the Erasmus+ programme or other potential initiatives established by, and under the guidance of, the European Commission.

– to support Erasmus+ and former EU programmes projects by disseminating their results and outcomes, notably best practices and innovative initiatives and exploiting them for modernisation and development purposes.

 Main criteria for selection

Members of HEREs should be well embedded in the national higher education environment and cooperate closely with national authorities. In addition, they should be highly motivated individuals which hold (or have held) one of the following positions (or a combination thereof):

  • (Vice-)Rectors,
  • Deans and Heads of Department,
  • Senior Academics,
  • Directors of Study,
  • Responsible of administrative services (such as International Relations Offices, Quality Assurance departments, Career orientation services, etc.)
  • Ministry officials dealing with higher education
  • Other Higher Education experts and researchers
  • Students

Whatever their status or functions, HEREs must be highly motivated and concerned by their overall mission, available to attend and actively participate in the proposed events, willing to report widely about the results and to initiate activities locally.

Further to their appointment, HEREs will have to sign a Code of Conduct stating their responsibilities and duties in relation to their activities as HEREs. In particular, the absence of conflict of interests and the experts’ availability to participate in the activities abroad and the coordination meetings in Kosovo will be essential.

Expected activities

In order to fulfil their mission HEREs are expected to perform activities at national and international level, pursuing primarily all Erasmus+ beneficiaries as well as potential Erasmus+ beneficiaries in Kosovo (i.e. higher education institutions and individuals; civil society; non-governmental organisations; enterprises, professional organisations, research institutions, vocational training institutions; etc.) and any other stakeholder in the field of higher education. As well as national authorities in charge of higher education and their affiliate bodies.

Activities at international level will be organised by an external service provider, under the supervision of the European Commission and the Executive Agency, and will correspond to thematic seminars, study visits, international large-scale conferences, technical assistance missions, publications.

Activities at the national level, implies HEREs will support national authorities in designing, implementing, and monitoring policy reforms in the field of HE. Overall, this could include the following types of activities:

  • Advice and expertise.
  • Involvement in policy making process, preparation of national reports, codes, draft laws & decrees.
  • Organising or participating in seminars, workshops, roundtables (teaching, training, informing, disseminating);
  • Lecturing, participation in panel discussions and debates.
  • Drafting of reports, analysis, studies.
  • Publication of papers on the HE reforms process in Kosovo.

Appointment of the HEREs

HEREs will be designated (/renewed or reconfirmed) for a period of 1 year (renewable) starting as from 01 July 2022.

HERE candidates will be proposed by the KEO and the national authorities in Kosovo. This proposal will have to be endorsed by the respective EU Delegation and confirmed by the EACEA in line with the criteria defined by the European Commission.

The work of the Kosovo HERE team is on voluntary basis, but their travel and accommodation expenses at the international HERE conferences, seminars and study visits, will be fully covered by the foreseen financial package.

How to apply

In order to apply for HERE position within Kosovo HERE team, please send your CV and Letter of Interest to the following e-mail address: [email protected].


Deadline for application

The deadline for submitting your application (CV and a Letter of interest) is June 25th 2022, by 12:00 CET. The application received after foreseen deadline will not be taken in consideration.


NOTE: HEIs in Kosovo should be accredited or validated from Kosovo Accreditation Agency