Capacity Building projects supporting cooperation with Partner Countries in the fields of higher education and youth.

Higher education institutions can take part in collaborative, capacity-building partnerships. These projects are set up and managed by a group of higher education institutions from programme countries on the other hand.

There are two kinds of project:

  1. Joint projects help higher education institutions from partner countries develop, modernize and share new curricula, teaching methods or materials. They also help boost quality assurance and governance of higher education institutions.
  2. Structural projects help to develop and reform higher education institutions and systems in partner countries. The aim is to enhance their quality and relevance, and promote regional cooperation.

In certain partner countries neighboring the EU, capacity building projects may also include a mobility strand targeted at students and staff.

IT support platforms, such as e-Twinning, the European Platform for Adult Learning (EPALE)and the European Youth Portal offering virtual collaboration spaces, databases of opportunities, communities of practices and other online services for teachers, trainers and practitioners in the field of school and adult education as well as for young people, volunteers and youth workers across Europe and beyond.

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