Who can participate in the Erasmus+ Programme?

Erasmus+ is open to many individuals and organizations, although eligibility varies from one action to another and from one country to another.

Individuals can take part in many of the opportunities funded by Erasmus+, although most will have to do so through an organization taking part in the programme. The eligibility of individuals and organizations depends on the country in which they are based.

Eligible countries are divided into two groups, Programme countries, and Partners countries. Although Programme countries are eligible for all actions of Erasmus+, Partner countries can only take part in some and are subject to specific conditions.


As a general rule, participants in Erasmus+ projects must be established in a Programme Country. Some Actions, notably in the fields of higher education and youth, are also open to participants from Partner Countries. The specific conditions for participating in an Erasmus+ project depend on the type of Action concerned.

For projects relevant for the field of higher education, the main targets are higher education students (short cycle, first, second or third cycle), higher education teachers and professors, academic and administrative staff of higher education institutions, trainers and professionals in enterprises.

More information on eligibility is available on the pages for specific opportunities (both for individuals and organizations), as well as the Programme Guide.

Dr. Sc. Elsa Vula – Beneficiary of Staff Mobility Program