Kosovo Erasmus+ Office has organized a Cluster Meeting on the impact of Erasmus+ CBHE projects on reform and modernization of the Higher Education system in Kosovo.

Purpose of this Cluster meeting was to gather representatives of relevant CBHE projects (2015-2019) to assess the impact of Erasmus+ CBHE projects at institutional, national and regional level.

Furthermore, this Cluster aimed to identify main constrains in the impact and sustainability of Erasmus+ CBHE projects implemented at HEIs in Kosovo, especially after EU funds are depleted to find better solutions for long-term impact.

The expected outcome of the cluster meeting was to come up with a set of recommendations for better implementation of CBHE projects, which will direct current and new generation of these projects to improve the impact and sustainability of closed, ongoing, and future CBHE projects.

They will also assist endeavors of the Ministry of Education, Sciences, Technology and Innovation, to additionally internationalize HEIs in Kosovo by increasing the number of CBHE projects to tackle reform and modernization of curricula at HEIs in Kosovo while fostering cooperation among Higher Education and society at large.

Finally, this cluster meeting enhanced synergy and cohesion among CBHE projects to additionally improve their impact and sustainability at the HE system in Kosovo.

Here you can find attached the Cluster Meeting Conclusions.

For more information,  you can find the  Erasmus+ Cluster Meeting agenda