At the fourth Ministerial meeting of the Western Balkans Platform on Education and Training (WBPET) held on 2-3 July 2015 in Vlora, Albania, the ministers of education of the Western Balkans agreed to cooperate for the establishment of a regional network of alumni.

Indeed, students and alumni should have a say in decision-making and policy-shaping on issues related to education, especially regarding the transition from school to work. In this respect, developing a regional alumni association in the Western Balkans region would enable graduates and students to make their voice heard on issues that concern them directly. Likewise, such a network would have a set of different functions, including the promotion of Erasmus+ opportunities to local students, the reinforcement of the ties between alumni, community and parent institutions, the provision of career guidance, to mention just a few.

This survey intends to collect the views of students and alumni in the Western Balkans region on how such an association would work, what would be its purpose and related activities. Therefore the questions below try to focus on issues that students and alumni consider of particular importance. We would be grateful if you take the time to complete and return this survey.

Please note that your responses will only be used for the assessment of the value of establishing such an association and will be treated in compliance with the European Union’s legislation on the management of data protection.


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The deadline for submitting the responses is: 31 July 2016