How to apply

How to apply for such opportunities?
All applicants should contact the international relations or project offices in their institutions to learn if any Erasmus+ mobility project is being implemented. They should receive information pertaining to the time of launching of individual applications, selection criteria, application time-frame, etc.

University staff (academic or administrative) based on the objective of the mobility period fills the: Staff mobility for Training Agreement.

The Participant Grant Agreement
Besides the up mentioned agreements the staff will sign the participant grant agreement as well, which defines the conditions of the financial support and allocation modalities.  This document is signed between the individual and the Programme Country Institution before the start of the mobility.

For additional information, please contact the international relations or project office in your university.

More information about opportunities please refer to the document below:

Higher Education Student & Staff

An introductory message from Mimika Dobroshi – Coordinator of the Kosovo Erasmus+ Office