Support to institutions and associations to organize and carry out statutory activities of associations dealing with EU studies and EU issues, and to publicize EU facts among a wider public.

This Jean Monnet Action aims to support activities carried out by institutions and associations active in the field of European Union studies.

Projects under the Action Jean Monnet Support to institutions and associations have duration of 3 years.

Support to institutions

Jean Monnet supports institutions that enhance teaching and training activities on European Union subjects at the postgraduate level and/or for other relevant stakeholders. It also fosters activities aimed at elaborating, analyzing and popularizing European Union subjects and their teaching.

Support to associations

Jean Monnet supports associations whose explicit purpose is to contribute to the study of the European integration process.

Such associations should be interdisciplinary and open to all interested professors, teachers and researchers specializing in European Union issues in the relevant country or region. They should be representative of the academic community in European Union studies at regional, national or supranational level.

Support will be given only to associations that are officially registered and have independent legal status.


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